One-off actions

One-off actions

Each year we have, in parallel to our main projects, one or more specific actions following specific requests or emergency situations, such as:

Ophthalmology (University Hospital of Dhulikhel) 2018-2021

Financial support to the ophthalmology department for the acquisition of medical equipment for the visual acuity control campaigns (screening camp) in the different health centers of the university hospital (23 centers) and schools.

Financial support for surgical camps.

Chez Caroline 2015-

Nepal suffered two terrible earthquakes on April 25 and May 12 2015. The provisional death toll is more than 8,000 and more than 300,000 houses have been destroyed. Not to mention the thousands of injured.

The French restaurant Chez Caroline opened its doors in 1997 in Kathmandu. A haven of peace and beauty, created by a French woman, the restaurant employs 22 people, most of whom have been there since the beginning. The work of the team is centered on the reception, the quality of the kitchen, and the notion of service. Some of the waiters speak French.

The 22 members of Chez Caroline’s team come from the districts of Sindupalchok and Dhading, areas particularly affected by the two earthquakes. All of them lost their homes in the village after the first earthquake.

Nevertheless, very quickly and courageously, they decided to go back to work in the restaurant in Kathmandu, spontaneously organizing themselves in shifts, without counting their hours or their efforts, being aware that without a salary, they would never be able to rebuild themselves or provide for their family.

Before the reopening of the establishment, priority was given to securing the partially damaged restaurant, so that it would be ready to operate in the best conditions. In this dramatic and trying context, to find a rhythm of almost normal life was only possible thanks to the strength of will of the team which, very welded, started the work of cleaning and reinforcing the building.

In order to support them in their courageous undertaking, we would like to contribute to the reconstruction of each of their houses. Numerous projects are currently being studied for earthquake-resistant, ecological reconstructions adapted to their regions. We are following the evolution of these works and we will guide them in their choices.

But the emergency is there. We have therefore decided to create a solidarity fund for the 22 families of the Nepalese team of Chez Caroline to help them as much as possible during this difficult time.

Your contribution, whatever it is, will be a stone brought to the reconstruction of this so beautiful country whose future remains uncertain.

Earthquakes 2015

emergency assistance

  • water filters
  • blankets, warm clothes, tarps, tents
medium-term assistance

  • day care for children in the community
  • art therapy
long-term help

  • Mustang: Brick making machines and carpenter training
  • Kavre: Together with Garuda France (F), Ecoliers du Nepal – Fonds Parvati (B), Association Ganesha (CH), Nepal Now (IRL) and through Garuda Nepal, reconstruction of 3 elementary school in Kavre.

Kharikhola 2011-2013

Kharikhola is a small village located in the Solukhumbu at 2050m altitude. In 2011 it took us 1 day of car and 5 days of walking (7 to 8 hours per day) to reach it. Formerly located on the road to the Everest base camp, this village lost in the mountain counts about 2 000 people. Its dispensary is nevertheless the only one in the region and serves about 20 000 people.

We have been able to support some very poor families (housing) as well as the health center with additional equipment (X-ray machine), medical camps etc.