Sama Nepal

Our local partner

Sama Nepal ( is a non-profit organization established in 2015, with whom we launched and run the « Kudhkilo » programme to promote barrier free, inclusive and right based opportunities to everyone excluded from the right to education.


  • inclusion of children excluded from mainstream education because of special needs, religion, caste, gender, poverty etc.
  • sensitisation, awareness and advocacy about the right for all to have an education.


How do we do it

In every district where we work, we follow the same process in order to be easily replicable throughout Nepal.

Through the « Kudhkilo » programme we:

  • facilitate mainstream schooling through supporting teaching/learning activities and other needs (activities of daily life) together with the teachers and the school
  • provide/coordinate healthcare and rehabilitation services
  • provide/coordinate medical and other assistive devices
  • provide educational material and improve accessibility
  • run awareness/advocacy programmes (for children, parents, families, communities, school families, teachers, self-help groups)


We work in and through:

  • Focus schools : In each district we cooperate with one or more focus schools, where our inclusion facilitators offer intensive support.
  • Other partner schools : In other partner schools of the district we provide awareness programmes and various types of support for individuals who are included in mainstream classes
  • Resource class/care centers : ideally these classes / centers are part of the focus schools and allow us primarly to bring differently abled children out of invisibility and inside the school.


We coordinate/network with locally available partner organizations in the district:

  • NGO and government agencies
  • hospitals
  • rehabilitation centers
  • other related organizations